Webster Lake

Bass action is good. Muskie action is fair, with the usual baits such as bucktails and glide/jerkbaits taking fish.

As water temperatures warm, night fishing can be a good option, although anglers should make sure to carry all proper release tools such as hook cutters, pliers, and a large net, as warm water can be stressful to muskies. 


Wolf Lake

A few walleyes have been caught by anglers fishing at night, using suspending jerkbaits or live bait such as minnows or leeches.
Popular walleye colors are tennessee shad and chrome blue.
Like most area lakes, largemouth are being caught on topwater scum frogs and texas-rigged plastics in and around vegetation 

Valparaiso area lakes

Panfish action is still hot with the usual tactics taking fish near weedlines. 

Willow Slough - Newton county

Bass action remains good for 12-17 inch fish.
Topwater frogs are always a good bet this time of year.
Try fishing with braided line to help muscle fish out of heavy vegetation.

Panfish action is sporadic but a few anglers report that moving around and searching for fish has resulted in very nice catches 

Laporte area lakes

Crappies, readear, and bluegill continue to be caught on the deep weedlines.

Bobbers and live bait are hard to beat, as is drifting or slow-trolling small plastics on light jigheads


St. Joseph River

Smallmouth and walleye are starting to settle into their summer patterns.
Drifting nightcrawlers on a jig or slip sinker rig is a surefire technique for both species, as is a 3" twistertail on a jighead, bounced through deep runs and pool tailouts.The Skamania steelhead run is not yet in swing.
Water temperatures are in the low to mid 70s 

Lake Michigan update

Boat & Shore Fishery Update
Trout and salmon fishing has been slow, with fish widely scattered.

Indiana Department of Natural Resources creel clerks report yellow perch action is picking up in southern Lake Michigan. Michigan City anglers report yellow perch have been caught out-front of the Mt. Baldy /Black's Ditch area west to Beverly Shores in water depths up to 35 feet of water. Portage boat anglers report action near the doughnut and also in-front of Ogden Dunes in water depths to 30 feet of water. Hammond anglers are reporting sporadic action just outside the marina; however, action has picked up in the Cal Park area in water depths to 28 feet of water. Yellow perch are averaging around 10 inches but don't be surprised if you harvest a few jumbo while you are out fishing. In all these locations, anglers stated that minnows were the top producing bait, with larger golden roaches taking the nicer fish.

Smallmouth bass action along the lakefront continues to be red hot as long as lake and weather conditions are favorable. Bass are now in post-spawn mode. Boat anglers should concentrate their efforts along rocky rip rap that is prevalent along the outside of the Port of Indiana breakwall as well as from the city of Gary west to Hammond. Bass anglers trying their luck out of Michigan City should try along the detached breakwater. As far as lures, anglers have had good success with crankbaits, small spinnerbaits and tube jigs that resemble gobies. Smallmouths in the 14-18 inch range are abundant in southern Lake Michigan with fish up to 6 pounds caught every year. When water conditions are favorable, boat anglers should try fishing the lower sections of the East and West Branches of the Little Calumet River. Over the years, we have seen an increase in largemouth bass populations in these areas. Large woody debris along with boat dock pilings provide abundant habitat for these ambush feeders. Same tactics used out on Lake Michigan for smallmouth bass are applicable for the largemouths.

Over the past week, shore anglers in Michigan City and over at the Portage Lakefront Park have reported very few skamania steelhead caught off the piers. Shrimp suspended anywhere from 3-8 feet below a bobber have been the go to bait for anglers. Other baits and lures that have also produced in the past include nightcrawlers, live alewifes, small crankbaits, wobbler type spoons and spinners. Most of the action is occurring in the early morning hours. Anglers fishing the harbor of Michigan City continue to catch channel catfish. As for baits, shrimp, nightcrawlers or any commercially prepared catfish bait fished right on the bottom have provided action. Shore anglers continue to report action for panfish and smallmouth bass off the fishing platforms at Hammond and East Chicago Marinas and also at the Portage Lakefront Park and the Public Access Site inside the Port of Indiana. Live bait such as worms have been providing good action for the panfish while minnows, tube jigs and small crankbaits have been productive for bass. Water temperature was 72° F as of this morning with water visibility greater than 18 inches.

Stream Fishery Update
Small numbers of skamania steelhead are moving into the creeks on a daily basis based on numbers trapped at the Trail Creek Sea Lamprey Barrier. Anglers caught a few this week in Trail Creek. Anglers that were interviewed said that steelhead are scattered throughout the creek and no one area is fishing any better than the next. Currently, Trail Creek's flow is about average for this time of year with water visibility greater than 12 inches. No action to report on the western tributaries of Salt Creek and the East Branch of the Little Calumet River. To get the latest data on discharge and gauge height of streams and rivers in Indiana, check out the US Geological Survey Water Resources for Indiana web page (

As far as baits, anglers had the best luck floating shrimp or spawn bags just off the bottom through the deeper holes and runs. Orange, brass and silver spinners also caught aggressive fish in the same areas.

Notes to Anglers
Just a reminder to all anglers fishing Trail Creek that no fishing is allowed within 100 feet upstream of the Trail Creek Sea Lamprey Barrier or downstream to the Pottawatomie Country Club Golf Course property line located adjacent to Springland Ave in Michigan City.