impossible question

Impossible Question October 17th, 2012

Q .....Men should wear this type of clothing to attract women?


Impossible Question October 16th, 2012

Q ..... Who is the Boss on the Farm?

A ..... The cow is also known as the Boss


Impossible Question October 15th, 2012

Q ..... This Halloween Treat is a tension buster that acts as a natural muscel relaxant?

A ..... Pumpkin seeds are a terrific tension buster. Credit goes to its stores of the mineral magnesium, which acts as your body’s natural muscle relaxant


Impossible Question October 12, 2012

Q.....The most popular beverage in America?

A ..... is still milk.


Impossible Question October 11th, 2012

Q ..... 1 in for of us hate to buy what  food item?

The reason is fear about buying the wrong product, as well as the need to get value for money.


Impossible Question October 10th, 2012

Q       Increased sales of this suggest a rebounding economy?

A       Men's underwear.



Impossible Question October 9th, 2012

Q ..... What is the #1 Pet Halloween Costume ?

A ...... 1. Pumpkin
          2. Devil
          3. Hot dog




Impossible Question October 4th, 2012

Q ..... 50% of Shoppers forget this when they get home?
A..... Why they bought something.

Impossible Question October 1st, 2012

Q ..... What is the loudest noise made by an animal?

A ..... The Blue Whale's whistle is the loudest noise made by an animal.


Impossible Question September 28th, 2012

Q .....The best thing to do for a  healthy head of Hair?

A ..... Don't wash it every day.


Impossible Question September 28th, 2012

Q ..... Throughout history, more statues have been raised to this person than any other?

A .....Buddha


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