Researchers Look at Growing Corn in Caves

A new technique developed by researchers from Purdue could allow some crops to be grown in caves or mines. Professor of Horticulture Cary Mitchell says isolated and enclosed environments can stop genetically modified pollen and seed from spreading, escaping into...

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Lake Station Edison Track Team Receives Donation


In Lake Station, the Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters members from Local 1005 presented the Edison High School Boys Track Team with a six-hundred dollar check, and the monies have gone toward purchasing disc and shot equipment, uniforms, sweat suits,...

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State Officials Stress Water, Pool Safety

Indiana's state health commissioner says drowning is a preventable tragedy.  The unofficial start to the summer season is just days away, and this is Recreational Water Illness and Injury Week. State health officials are sending out a list of tips...

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Unemployment Drops in the Region, State


Unemployment took a major drop in the Region according to the latest data.  Indiana's jobless rate also fell in April.  The state's seasonally-adjusted uemployment rate fell point-two-percent last month, to five-point-seven percent, marking the ninth in a row of declines....

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Gypsy Moth Treatments in Porter County

A yellow crop duster was spotted low over Valparaiso early this morning.  The Indiana Department of Natural Resources says the airplane is releasing a bacterium used in treatments to control the gypsy moth. The first local treatment at the Valpo...

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Robocalls Trending Down in Indiana

Zoeller Greg tweet bigger

Hoosiers appear to be getting fewer robocalls. Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller says two years ago his officer got about one-thousand robocall complaints per month and now that number is down to about half. In April, Zoeller and Missouri Attorney...

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Coast Guard Caps Off Extreme Ice-Breaking Season

Another icy chapter closes on extreme winter 2014... The Great Lakes Coast Guard has officially concluded the nation's largest domestic ice breaking operation. The 160-day-long – over five-month-long – Operation Taconite included all of Lakes Michigan and Superior as well...

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Valparaiso Traffic Advisory for Tree Removal


In Valparaiso, a small section of Harrison Boulevard will be closed tomorrow (Tue May 20) from 9 am to 2 pm for completion of a tree removal. Public works crews will finish removing a tree that overhangs the entire roadway...

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Lowell Joins IACT Plan to Stem Healthcare Costs

In Lowell, the town council has voted to join the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns Medicaltrust to try and hold down healthcare costs for town employees. Today's Times reports Lowell was facing a 19-percent increase in premiums, and though...

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Third MERS Case in US; Linked to NWI Patient


Doctors are trying to determine how an Illinois man contracted Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS, from a Northwest Indiana patient after two brief meetings and a handshake. It's the third case of MERS is the United States, and...

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