Annie was born and raised in Northwest Indiana with her younger sister and parents in Hammond. After spending some time out of the area chasing the radio dream she has moved back to start a family with her two main men: Jager the mutt and fiance Rob. When she is not on the air Annie enjoys cheering her favorite Chicago sports teams (Da Bears, Da Bulls, And Da Sox), hiking, and exploring new fairs and festivals! (Anything Deep Fried she's in!) Annie cannot wait to share her life with you on air and is excited to be back in the Region doing what she loves!


The Paper Anniversary

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Where does the time go? Just booked a trip to Mexico in September to celebrate my 30th birthday and first wedding anniversary! Don't get me started about the 30th, but as far as anniversaries go, it's happening Sunday!!! One year ago, I was stressing over the little details that go along with throwing a wedding... if you have planned a wedding, you know what I am talking about!!!

A year later not much has changed. I still can't bring myself to change my Facebook name to Annie Gorka, let alone say it out loud! We are still trying to get over each other's annoying habits around the house. (PICK UP YOUR CLOTHES!!!) We are still in love and best friends. And it is still an adjustment realizing we now share everything! I mean EVERYTHING!

So as we are cutting into that year old wedding cake this weekend, I just want to put it in writing: I am thankful to be so blessed. With things being so busy, sometimes it's easy to overlook how incredibly special life is...enjoy it!


Worst Break Up Lines

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Have you ever been on the receiving end of some horrible break up lines? Buzzfeed has come up with a list of the most overused breakup lines.... check out the top 5 here!

1.“It’s not you, it’s me.”
2.“You’re not the person I fell in love with.”
3." I love you, I’m just not IN love with you.”
4.“It’s just not working out.”
5. “I’m a different person than I was when we met.”

Pizza Party!!!

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Today is National Pizza Party Day so celebrate with your favorite pie!!! Did you know the toppings you put on your pizza say alot about your personality? Check it out:

Pepperoni Please

People who prefer traditional, single meat toppings described themselves as being irritable, argumentative, procrastinators, who frequently conveniently "forget" obligations at work and at home.

Meat Fanatics

Those who preferred traditional, multiple meat toppings are dramatic, seductive extroverts who thrive as the center of attention. They crave novelty in all aspects of their life, are fashionable and impeccably groomed.

One Veggie Please

Pizza eaters who prefer traditional, vegetable, one-topping pizzas are empathetic, understanding, well-adjusted and easy going, making them the ideal parents.

Pile on the Veggies

Those who prefer multiple vegetable toppings are trustworthy, loyal and dependable. They value friendship as the ultimate manifestation of life's ideals. They function best in a group environment. They are humble, introverted, and avoid the spotlight.

Food Journal Madness

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Could you or do you keep a food journal? After analyzing my intake yesterday, I can see why they would work! Man do I need to get my life together!!!! Check it out:

Breakfast: Choc Brownie and Milk
Lunch: Left over Mostacholi and Funyons
Dinner: Canned Hormel Chili with sour cream and cheese
Dessert: An ice cream bar
Snack: Nachos

Wow, that is an unhealthy mess!!! Can you beat it?

Smells Like Childhood

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Do you ever come across a smell and it instantly takes you back to childhood? For me it's the refinery smell in Whiting... as weird as it sounds, it means I'm home! What would you put on the list? Here is what a recent survey of US Adults Listed:

1. Freshly mown grass (summer days/school sports day)
2. Pencil shavings/case/stationery (school days)
3. Baby powder (having babies/when the children were babies)
4. Vicks vapor rub (colds/illness)
5. Plasticine (school days)
6. Candyfloss (childhood, fairground)
7. Bonfires (winter nights)
8. Sun cream (family holidays)
9. Fish and chips (early holidays)
10. Old perfume (grandmother/mother)


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