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TV's Greatest Catchprases

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TV Guide has released its list of the 60 Greatest Catchphrases.  These indelible and infinitely quotable words spoken by our favorite TV characters and personalities are forever etched in our brains.

1. "Heeeere's...Johnny!" Ed McMahon  hailed the arrival of  Johnny Carson from behind the  Tonight Show  curtain for 30 years and it never got old. Just ask Jack Nicholson.

2. "D'oh!" A forehead-smacking Homer Simpson popularized it, other residents of Springfield have said it at one time or another and the  Oxford English Dictionary  even deemed it worthy of an entry.

3. "Yada, yada, yada." The ultimate show about nothing gave us more than its fair share of catchphrases, but this Seinfeld  signature uttered by Elaine to gloss over a bad date and favored by George's felonious girlfriend is still really something.

4. "How you doin'?"  We can't imagine how many times Joey Tribbiani's best pick-up line was tried out by  Friends  fans during the show's heyday, but it's safe to say no one said it better than  Matt LeBlanc.

5.  "What'choo talkin' 'bout, Willis?" Gary Coleman's unforgettable delivery of Arnold Jackson's trademark line on  Diff'rent Strokes made it  the  go-to phrase when you just had to tell a pal he was speaking nonsense.

6. "The tribe has spoken." Reality TV has spawned countless elimination catchphrases, but  Jeff Probst's final words to the ousted  Survivor  competitors  are the perfect blend of camp and cool.

7. "And that's the way it is." Long before the advent of cable news, revered newsman  Walter Cronkite  closed his nightly broadcast with these iconic words. And we understood we'd just seen and heard everything we needed to know.

8. "Who are you wearing?" When  Joan Rivers  first took to the Golden Globes red carpet to ask stars about their designers, the E! host spawned an infotainment genre and turned celebrities into walking billboards.

9. "Come on down!" The Price Is Right  contestants have been rushing the stage for more than 40 years upon hearing this command, most famously uttered by  Johnny Olson.   

10. "It's gonna be legen — wait for it — dary." He's a one-man one-liner machine, but our favorite Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) quote on How I Met Your Mother  brilliantly captures his  bro-vado. 

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