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Impossible Question September 25th, 2012

Q ..... What is the most popular snack in America?

A ..... The Ritz Cracker.


Impossible Question September 10th, 2012

Q ..... This Meal was first made from Thanksgiving Left Overs?
A ..... TV Dinners!


It was on this day in 1953 when Swanson sold its first TV dinner. The first TV dinner was roast turkey with stuffing and gravy, sweet potatoes and peas. It sold for 98 cents and came in an aluminum tray, so you could just open the box and heat the dinner in the oven. Supposedly, executive Gerald Thomas came up with the idea when the company had tons of leftover turkey from Thanksgiving. The idea for the aluminum trays came from the trays used by airlines. They were an immediate success, and Turkey dinners are still the most popular Swanson frozen dinner. Swanson stopped calling them TV dinners in 1962.


Impossible Question September 7th, 2012

Q ....Generating three laughs a minute on average, according to new research, what is the funniest film ever.
A .....Spoof disaster movie “Airplane”


Impossible Question August 24th, 2012

Q .... A new house only feels like a home once we have what?
A .....Walk around the house naked.

How do you make a house a home? By walking around it in the buff, according to a new survey. Walking around the house naked was on a checklist of personal rituals that people need to do to feel truly settled in to a new abode.


Impossible Question August 23rd, 2012


Q ..... The name Isaac most likely to mean your child will be what?
A ..... A momma’s boy.

Impossible Question August 15th, 2012

Q ... Houston Texas leads the nation in production of this ethnic food for grocery stores?
A ... Egg Rolls


Impossible Question

Q ..... What Board Game, not Bingo, Do you shout out Bingo?
A ..... Scrabble ... when you play all or your tiles.

Impossible Question August 3rd, 2012

Q..... Olympic Gold Medal winners will pay about $9000 for this?
A .... Tax on the winnings and the Medal

Impossible Question August 1st, 2012

Q .....To save money people are starting to have weddings where?
A ..... Cemeteries


Impossible Question July 31st 2012

Q ..... These Olympic athletes required special passports for the London games?
A ..... The Horses

Imopssible Question July 26th, 2012

Q ..... Chimpanzees, Sea Lions and Elephants are all better at this than you are?
A ..... Memory.

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